Glyndon Lutheran Church   

414 Parke Avenue
Glyndon, MN 56547

BBuilder: Hook & Hastings (Opus 2427, 1920)
Manuals: 2
Stops: 17
Ranks: 7
Action: Slider chests, mechanical action
From Aurdal (Norwegian) Lutheran, Portland, ND; via storage 1958; via Felde residence, Glyndon, MN 1966. Altered Johnson (Fargo, ND) 1967, 2-8. 10/89 form - stop list, info & pictures. (OHS PC Database. 2004-10-30)
--Information from the Organ Historical Society.
Last Update: 9/2012

We have no further information on this organ or its condition. Any information you may have would be appreciated.