Redeemer Lutheran Church

1800 Glenwood Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Builder: The Aeolian Co, Opus 1276-A 1930
Manuals: 3
Ranks: ?
Action: Electropneumatic

Notes: Originally built in 1914 for the Gates family Mansion in Minneapolis (Lake of the Isles). In the 1930's it (or part of it) was moved and installed in Redeemer Lutheran. The house was razed in the 1940's. Second picture shows back side of console. It was dedicated in two concerts on June 5th and 6th, 1933 by Rupert Sircom, organist of Westminster Presbyterian. The organ is not currently in use.

We believe the original Mrs. Gates' daughter was Mrs. Brooks, and that Mrs. Gates herself re-married Mr. Judd. Hence three entries for the same organ in the same house prior to it being moved to Redeemer.

We have no further information.

Sale of Gates mansion, August 21, 1923
Sale of Aeolian organ, January 21, 1933
Installation at Redeemer, June 2, 1933