The People's Church

Pleasant Avenue and Chestnut St
St Paul, MN

The church no longer exists
Builder: Hutchings and Votey, 1903
Manuals: 3
Divisions: 5
Pipes: 2001
Action: Electropneumatic ?

Notes: This organ replaced a Roosevelt organ destroyed by fire in 1901. "On entering the sanctuary, the platform, organ, and mural paintings came into view. The great organ in massive oak with pipes of delicate blue touched with gold, completed that end of the church. The representative of Hutchings and Votey said of this organ, "We have built a few larger organs but there is no better organ in this or any other country." It was reported in its day to have been the finest organ between Chicago and the west coast. At the ar corner of the gallery, one hundred and ten feet away, was placed the echo organ having an electric connection with the main organ and responding instantaneously to the touch of the organist. This feature added greatly to the musical services of the church." Information from Jay Bruns and Phil Ramstand, 2014.