Mabel Tainter Memorial Theater

205 East Main Street
Menomonie, WI 54751

Builder: Steere & Turner, Opus 300 (1890)
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 29
Stops: 25
Action: Mechanical

First Manuale -Great (58 notes)
16' Open Diapason (58m)
8' Open Diapason (58m) (Largest pipes in front)
8' Doppel Flute (46w) [ Called Stop. Diapason in T 14:3:8]
8' Melodia (58w, stopped bass)
8' Dulciana (58m)
4' Octave (58m)
4' Flute d'Amour (58w)
3' Twelfth (58m)
2' Fifteenth (58m)
III Mixture (174m)
8' Trumpet 58 (58m reed)
Ist Manuale to 2nd Manuale

Second Manuale - Swell (58 notes, enclosed)
16' Bourdon (40w)
16' Bourdon Bass (18w)
8' Open Diapason (58m)
8' Stop'd Diapason (58w)
8' Salicional (58m)
8' Aeoline (46m)
4' Flute Harmonique (58m&w)
4' Violin (58m)
1' Flageolet 58 [2' Flautina listed in T 14:3:8]
III Dolce Cornet (174m)
8' Cornopean (58m)
8' Oboe & Bassoon (58m reed)
Swell tremolo
16' Open Diapason (27w)
16' Bourdon (27w)
8' Violoncello (27m)
Ist Manuale to Pedale
2nd Manuale to Pedale

5 Composition pedals
Gr-Ped Reversible
The Mabel Tainter Memorial was built in memory of the daughter of a prominent local family;
although church services were held in the auditorium early in its history, it is more clearly
designed as a theater or concert hall.

The organ is installed to the left of the proscenium, with the console more or less at stage level.
The pipework is behind a grille roughly two floors above the stage, and is nearly inaccessible;
rumor states that there was much heated correspondence in the builder's file regarding the
location of the organ. Incidentally, a portion of the original winding system can be seen in a
basement restroom.

The bottom 12 pipes of the doppel flute are from the Melodia, and the bottom 12 of the Aeoline is
from the Salicional. The Great Mixture and Trumpet are enclosed with the Swell. The Great Mixture
is 15-19-22 breaking at middle and treble c; the Swell Dolce Cornet, contrary to its name, is a
quint mixture of 19-22-26, breaking at tenor, middle and treble c.