First Church of Christ Scientist

562 Fifth Avenue South
Clinton, IA 52732

Builder: Wicks Organ Co., Op. 2566, 1943.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 3
Pipes: 224
Compass: 61/32
Stops: 20
Action: Wicks Direct Electric (c)

Notes: This entry describes an original installation of the new Wicks pipe organ. Identified by Eugene Walter (using information from an eBay description). Posted for sale on E-Bay. Information from copy of original Wicks order posted on website.

Eugene Walter (church) and Organ Historical Society as of 2018.

16' Bourdon (TC)
8' Open Diapason 61
8' Flute 85
8' Salicional 66
4' Octave (ext)
4' Flute d'Amour (ext)
4' Dulcet (ext)
Blank tab (prepared)

16' Bourdon (TC)
8' Open Diapason (Gt)
8' Quintadena (synthetic/derived)
8' Stopped Flute (Gt)
8' Viola (Gt)
4' Flute (Gt)
2.2/3' Nazard (Gt/derived)
2' Piccolo (Gt)
8' Oboe (synthetic/derived)

16' Sub Bass 12 (ext Gt)
8' Gedeckt (Gt)
4' Octave (Gt)
4' Flute (Gt)

Crescendo Pedal
Swell Pedal
Blower, Motor and Rectifier
Organ Bench with music compartment
Indirect stop-key and pedal board illumination
Crescendo Indicator
Wind Indicator