Swedish Evangelical (now Zion) Lutheran Church

1003 Church Street
Gowrie, IA 50543

(See separate entry of a later instrument of Wurlitzer Co.)
Builder: Unknown builder, circa 1900.
Manuals: Unknown
Ranks: Unknown
Action: Unknown

Notes: Original installation of a new pipe organ identified by William Dunklin, using information found in a vintage postcard.

Two vintage post cards, one mailed in 1910, a different card mailed in 1914, show a pipe organ in a chamber at front right. The facade is a simple, polychromed pipe fence above a straight impost just above console height. The church pictured was built in 1888.

The congregation built a new facility in 1930 and purchased a Wurlitzer organ. The congregation is now called Zion Lutheran.

Organ Historical Society as of 2015.