St. Paul's Lutheran Church (ELCA)

301 First Street N.W.
Waverly, IA 50677

(See separate entries for other organs by Pfeffer, Levsen, and Schilcker (proposal/never built), at this location.)
Builder: Zimmer & Sons, W., Op. 173, 1976.
Manuals: 3
Ranks: 38 (now 39 with a Trumpet addition - see notes below)
Pipes: 2,064
Stops: 28 (now 29)
Compass: 61/32
Action: Mechanical key/electric stop

Notes:  Bids for a new organ were submitted in November 1974, and the contract was awarded to W. Zimmer and Sons of North Carolina as low bidders at a price of $79,400. Schlicker's bid was high enough to justify forfeiting the $5 000. Additional costs of a designer's fee and balcony modifications were estimated at $4,000. A contract with Zimmer was signed in January 1975. Funding for the new organ came from several sources. Unsolicited donations toward the project had been accumulating for a few years. Members who had placed contributions in a fund to go toward a new church agreed to transfer the money to an organ fund, making a total of nearly $35,000. A fund drive in 1976 raised another $35,000 in pledges. The Church Council borrowed the remaining $14,000 needed to complete the project. It took almost two years to build the organ. Chimes from the old organ were removed and sent to North Carolina to be included in the new instrument. Wartburg College loaned a practice organ to the church for the interim. The new organ was in place by September 1976. The congregation celebrated with two organ concerts by Dr. Warren Schmidt and a dinner between concerts. Information from church.

Additional information from James R. Stettner. The organ is free-standing and encased in the rear gallery with a detached console. The Positif is in Rückpositiv position on the gallery rail. The expressive division is called Choir. Dr. Paul Bunjes was the consultant for the project.

"Angels with Trumpets" added in 1984 to the Zimmer Op. 173 by the Levsen Organ Co.

Organ Historical Society as of 2014.

16' Pommer 61
8' Prinzipal 61
8' Gedeckt 61 (metal)
4' Octave 61
    Mixture IV 244
8' Trompette 61 (Levsen addition, 1984)

8' Gemshorn 61
8' Celeste (TC) 49
4' Streich Flote 61
2' Prinzipal 61
    Quintenona II 110
    Scharff III 183
8' Schalmei 61

8' Barduen 61
4' Halb Prinzipal 61
2.2/3' Nasat 61
2' Blockflote 61
1.3/5' Terz (TC) 49
    Zimbell III 183
8' Krummhorn (TC) 49

16' Subbass 32
8' Offen Bass 32
5.1/3' Gross Quinte 32
4' Choral Bass 32
    Rausch Pfeife II 64
    Mixture III 96
16' Bombarde 32