Cordenio Severance Residence

6940 Keats Avenue South, Cottage Grove, MN 55016
Saint Paul (Cottage Grove), MN 55102

(The Severance family had residences both "in town" (St. Paul proper) and in Cottage Grove (their "country" home. Records indicate both residences had Aeolian instruments at one time. It could be an organ was moved to the Cottage Grove mansion, where it is still extant [as of 2020].)
Builder: Aeolian Organ Co., Op. 1389, circa 1912.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 10
Action: Electro-pneumatic


A player mechanism exists in the organ. Organ Historical Society as of 20.

Opus 1389 was contracted for $7500 September 6, 1916 and shipped June 29, 1917. Date here of 1912 is evidently wrong. Additions in March, 1919: Flute (f) and Trumpet ($1180). Additions April 1, 1919: Harp ($1725).

"Cedarhurst" was the name given to the estate, a 500 acre farm near Cottage Grove. The Severance family enlarged the original farm home, tripling the size, and added the pipe organ. It became a Colonial Revival style mansion.