Residence of Joseph Capistrant

Alexandria, MN

Builder: Laukhuff
Manuals: 1
Stops: 4
Compass: 54/27
Pipes: 216
Action: Mechanical
Notes: As many as ten of these instruments were purchased in the late 1950's from Durst (now Organ Supply Co.) by organ builder Eric Fiss of Fargo ND and installed in various chapels and churches throughout the region.

This positif instrument began its history in about 1959 at SS Peter and Paul R.C. Church of New Hradec, ND.

In the early 1980's it was removed from the rural church in favor of an electronic organ. After being stored in very undesirable conditions for several years it eventually made its way to the home of Joseph Capistrant in Alexandria.

The original facade Bass Principal pipes were too badly damaged to be restored. Thus new pipes were specially ordered from the organ's builder (August Laukhuff Organ, Weikersheim, Germany) in order to perfectly match the more hidden 1/2-rank of Principals. The Bass and Treble stops of each of the organ's four ranks are divided at Middle C. The pedals are drawdowns from the Bass.

In 2013 it was sold to Charles Krutz of Seward, Nebraska, who reitred from teaching organ at Concordia College.

--Information and photos from Joseph Capistrant.

Last Update: 5/2016
8 Gedeckt 54
4 Rohrflute 54
2 Principal 54
1-1/3 Quinte 54