St Edward Catholic Church

9401 Nesbitt Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55347

Builder: Austin Organ Co (Opus 2649-R, 2009)
Originally Austin Organ Co (Opus 2649, 1980)
Manuals: 3
Stops: 50
Ranks: 32
Action: Universal Air Chest System
Notes: The organ is in a gallery-level case at the rear of the room. It is a rebuild of 1980 Austin Opus 2649
--Information and photo from the Organ Historical Society Archive and Organist Roger F. Burg
Last Update: 11/2012
Italic indicates new in 2009
16 Bourdon (digital 1-12)
8 Principal
8 Bourdon
8 Viole de Gambe (Sw)
8 Viole Céleste (Sw)

4 Octave
4 Spitzflute
2 Fifteenth
1-1/3 Fourniture IV
16 Cor Anglais (Ch)
8 Cromorne
8 Cor de Jubilee
Chimes (digital)

8 Violone
8 Spitzflute
8 Flute Celeste (former Gemshorn)
4 Geigen Octave (ext)
4 Concert Flute
2 Piccolo
1-1/3' Larigot
16 Cor Anglais (ext)
8 Cor Anglais
4 Rohr Schalmei
8 Cor de Jubilee
Harp (digital)
Zimbelstern (digital)
8 Violone (Ch)
8 Chimney Flute
8 Viole de Gambe
8 Viole celeste

4 Principal
4 Koppelflute
2-2/3 Nazard
2 Blockflute
1 Plein Jeu III
16 Double Trumpet (ext)
8 Trumpet
8 Cor de Jubilee
32 Soubasse (digital)
16 Principal
16 Bourdon (Gt)
16 Violone (digital)

16 Gedeckt (Sw)
8 Octave
8 Chimney Flute (Sw)
4 Choral Bass
2-2/3 Mixture II
32 Bombarde (digital)
16 Double Trumpet (Sw)
16 Cor Anglais (Ch)
8 Trumpet (Sw)
4 Cromorne (Gt)
8 Cor de Jubilee
The idea of a pipe organ for St. Edward's was born in the hearts of some people as the parish began. There are notes dated September 4-, 1975 from Kent Stever, Committee of One, which says, "The purchase of an organ for St. Edward's has been a topic of much discussion on this [parish pastoral] council over the past year." Along with the PPC, the Liturgy Coordinator at the time, Jerry Stahl, and the Liturgy Commission did extensive research and created an organ subcommittee who carried through on the project. In their notes it is stated that the parish chose the Austin Organ company because it "provided best tonal qualities for the money;" they "demonstrated a desire and earnestness of purpose to accommodate our parish;" and they were "the only company to submit drawings."
From 1967-1979 our fledgling community wrestled with questions about the purchase of such an instrument. People lined up on both sides of the issue. Many people learned more than they ever wanted to know about acoustics, organ building and tonal design, organ registrations, etc. However, the parish leadership, with pastor Fr. Dick Wirth, had the vision of providing a legacy of aesthetic, lasting musical value for St. Edward's well into the future. By 1980, the Austin Organ Opus 2649 was installed. It was originally a 2-manual, 21-stop organ, but planned as a larger, 3-manual instrument.
In 2006, the parish music staff, with the support of the pastor, the Trustees, Finance Committee and Parish Council, initiated communication with the new President of Austin Organs, to explore the possibility of enlarging and renovating the organ, after 26 years. The early plan for a larger organ was dis-covered, along with the fact that the space for an additional division had been built in 1980 and was available, requiring no enlargement of the organ case itself. After several months of reviewing the plans, visits by the Austin staff to assess the condition of the original organ, and meetings to discuss financing options, a contract was prepared and sent to Archbishop Flynn for approval. Archbishop Flynn approved the contract on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2008, and the signed contract was sent to Austin Organs with a down-payment on March 18, 2008.  
The organ has been increased from 21 to 50 stops. The additions to the organ arrived on September 14, 2009, and the organ with its added voices was played for the first time on October 15, 2009. The organ now has a number of new stops which represent the four traditional groups of organ sounds. These new ranks of pipes provide a much greater variety of tonal color, as well as a wider range of volume, enabling the organists to provide better support for congregational, choral, and solo vocal singing, and also more suitable instrumental accompaniment.
Most recently, the stunning new Trumpet en Chamade rank was installed, beginning Tuesday, March 16, 2010. These pipes were custom-made from copper, and are mounted horizontally on the top of the organ case. The rank has been named “Cor de Jubilee,” a title suggested by Lonne Murphy, to acknowledge and celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the parish of St. Edward, 1967-2007.
The new 3-manual console has been built with 21st-century solid state components, allowing greater flexibility and reliability, and includes a clock, a transposer, and 100 levels of memory, among several new features. And, the console was custom-built to blend with the rich oak wooden furniture at St. Edward’s.