First Congregational Church

415 Juniper Street
Brainerd, MN 56401

Builder: Lance Johnson Organ Co (2002)
Originally M.P. Möller (Opus 3444, 1922)
Manuals: 2
Registers: 25
Ranks 23
Action: Electric
Notes: Rebuild and enlargement of existing organ. The original 14 rank Möller pipe organ was installed in 1922. It was rebuilt in 1961 by J.R. Gould & Sons. In 2002, the organ was rebuilt by Johnson Organ Co. of Fargo ND. The organ was enlarged to 23 ranks by restoring and utilizing a majority of the discovered pipes and adding new pipework. New wind chests were built and installed in new chambers, the entire organ was converted to solid state controllers, and a screen was removed to reveal the original arch in the front of the sanctuary, now filled with "speaking" pipes.
--Information from the Organ Historical Society Archive and Lance Johnson.
Last Update: 5/2012