Fish Lake Lutheran Church

43353 Cedarcrest Trail
Harris, MN 55032

Builder: Steve Lethert (1993)
Originally: Hillgreen, Lane & Co (1905)
Manuals: 2
Action: Slider chests, mechanical action
It was installed in the balcony when first purchased. The cost was $1,200. It was controlled by a manually operated bellows. The male members of the congregation would sign up to take turns at monthly bellows duty.
In 1939 rural electrification became available and the church was wired for electricity. The organ was moved from the balcony to the main floor, at which time the bellows were powered by electric motor. In 1993 the pipe organ was restored. It was tuned, parts were repaired and the front pipes were repainted. This work was done by Steve Lethert.
--Information from the Organ Historical Society. Photo from Russ Peterson. Information and photos from Deaconess Sister LaDonna Olson,
Last Update: 11/2013

 8' Open Diapason
 8' Doppel Flute
 8' Gamba
 8' Dulciana
 4' Principal
 2' Flautina      

 8' Stopped Diapason
 8' Violin Diapason
 8' Salicional
 4' Flute Harmonic

16' Pedal Bourdon