Our Lady of Good Counsel Academy (School Sisters of Notre Dame)

170 Good Counsel Drive
Mankato, MN 56001

(This small instrument was probably in the small private chapel of the sisters or at the academy chapel. See separate entries for organs at the large chapel by Reuter and Johnson/Dobson.)
Builder: Vogelpohl & Sons, H.H., Op. 93, 1916.
Manuals: 1
Ranks: 3
Action: Mechanical

Notes: Josh Sellner and Organ Historical Society as of 2017.

8 Diapason
8 Stopped Diapason
8 Salicional (1-12 from St. Diapason)

PEDAL ORGAN (prepared)
16' Bourdon

Manual Octave
Manual Sub-octave
Manual Unison Off
Manual to Pedal