Bethlehem Baptist Church

720 13th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Builder: M.P. Möller R-844, 1971
Originally M.P.Möller Opus 3397, 1922
Manuals: 3
Ranks: 21
Action: Electro-pneumatic

Notes: Historic Significance: Bethlehem is the old First Swedish Baptist Church of Minneapolis. It was organized in 1871, in a hall at 2nd St. and Nicollet Ave. It was the first Swedish Baptist Church in the Twin City area. It changed its name to Bethlehem Baptist and continues a strong ministry to this day.
--Information from Jeff Scofield and The Baptist General Conference History Center at Bethel.

There are currently three campuses -- Downtown, Moundsview and Lakeville. It is not known if the organ still exists. At one point this church expressed interest in the Andover organ from St. John's Lutheran in Northfield, but the pastor did not want to see the organ pipes and that plan was scrapped. The church appears to have been remodeled and possibly turned 90 degrees. Facebook photos show a Hammond B-3 and electronic keyboards with the praise band.

8' Principal 61*
8' Melodia 61
8' Gemshorn 61*
4' Octave 61*
4' Spitzflöte 61*
    Mixture III 183*

8' Gedeckt 73
8' Salicional 73
8' Voix Celeste tc 61
4' Principal 61
4' Flute Harmonic 73
2' Flautino 73
    Mixture III 183*
8' Trompette 73*

Prepared, 8 drawknobs

16' Bourdon 32
16' Gedeckt 12 SW
8' Principal 32*
8' Bourdon 12
4' Octave 12*

*--new stops in 1971