Gethsemane Episcopal Church

905 Fourth Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN

The church closed after Pentecost, 2020
Builder: Fratelli Ruffatti, 1977
Manuals: 3
Ranks: 58
Action: Electro-pneumatic

Notes: By the 2000's the relay had been replaced with a Peterson diode matrix. The proprietary combination action would freeze when divisional pistons were used. The analog voices were no longer usable, some pedal notes being very far out of tune. The Swell mixture was the only mixture typically used since the Great and Positiv mixtures are very shrill and high pitched. Alan van Zoren was tonal director for the US at the time of installation; E. Lyle Haggert was organist/choirmaster.
Great is on side-by-side chests cantilevered into the chancel. Swell box is behind on the right, with Great and Pedal reeds to its left. Large Pedal stops are behind the Swell. Pedal upperwork and high pressure Tuba are on top of the Swell box. Antiphonal is above the main door to the church in the back.
Information and photos from Nils Halker, David Engen and from Facebook. Andrew Fredel shown conducting the choir.

16' Gemshorn (ext)
8' Principal
8' Bourdon
8' Gemshorn
4' Octave
4' Koppel Flute
2' Super Octave
1.1/3' Larigot
1.1/3' Fourniture IV-V
2/3' Cymbale IV
16' Kontra Trompete
8' Trompete
8' Cromorne

8' Principal
8' Viole de Gambe
8' Viole Celeste
8' Rohrflöte
8' Flute Celeste II
4' Principal
4' Flauto Veneziano
2.2/3' Sesquialtera II
2' Octavin
2' Plein Jeu VI
16' Bassoon
8' Trompette
4' Hautbois (ext)

8' Tuba Major

8' Principale
8' Voce Umana
8' Holzgedeckt
4' Principalino
2' Blockflöte
1' Sifflöte
1' Ripieno V
8' Musette

32' Untersatz
16' Violone
16' Bourdon
8' Gedeckt
4' Octave

32' Contra Principal (analog)
32' Contra Bourdon (analog)
16' Open Diapason (analog)
16' Principal
16' Subbass
16' Gemshorn (Gt replaced analog Violone)
16' Lieblich Gedeckt (analog)
8' Octave
8' Gedeckt (ext)
4' Choralbass (ext)
4' Gedeckt (ext)
2' Mixture V
32' Contre Bombarde (analog)
16' Bombard
16' Fagotto (analog)
8' Trompette (ext)
4' Cromorne (Gt)