Holy Trinity (Slovak) Lutheran Church

Minneapolis, MN

Builder: M. P. Möller, Opus 4732, 1926
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 4
Action: Electropneumatic

Notes: Information from Organ Historical Society.

8' Open Diapason 73
8' Stopped Diapason 85
8' Dulciana 73
4' Flute (ext)
4' Principal (ext)

8' Gedeckt (from Stopped Diapason)
8' Dolce (from Dulciana)
4' Flute (from Stopped Diapason)
2' Flautina (from Stopped Diapason)

16' Bourdon 32
8' Bass Flute 12

Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Church of Holy Trinity, Minneapolis
In 1923, dissident members of Holy Emmanuel (Bohemian Flats) founded this church. The new congregation split because they were in favor of greater lay control and less conservative theology. At the time Holy Emmanuel was the only Slovak Lutheran church. The new church, called Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Church of Holy Trinity, was located at 29th Ave SE and 29th St. In less than 20 years this congregation grew larger than the original Lutheran church it had split from. After around 30 years, in 1956 the congregation built a new church and changed the name to Prince of Glory Lutheran in South Minneapolis located at 44th St and Minnehaha Ave, and affiliated with the Lutheran Church of America. Even in 1958, the church continued to have early Sunday morning mass spoken in Slovak, but the rest of the services were in English as the church transitioned to become open to people of all backgrounds.