Lyceum Theater

85 11th St
Minneapolis, MN

Builder:  Kimball, Opus 577, 1904
Manuals: 4
Ranks: about 55
Action: Electropneumatic

Notes: Also known as the Minneapolis Auditorium from when it was built (1905) until 1924, prior to construction of the Grant Street complex at the end of the 1920's. The building was modeled after Symphony Hall in Boston and built by Northwest Life Insurance Co.

From 1924-1958 it was known as the New Lyceum following a remodel of the old Auditorium. It featured a movie house on the first floor, a ballroom on the second, a tea room on the third, and a rehearsal hall on the fourth. It became home to the Minneapolis Symphony in 1903 [sic].

On August 15, 1958 the building was purchased by the Soul's Harbor religious organization. The group moved out temporarily in 1973. Today it is located in St. Louis Park in a converted church.

The building was razed on July 14, 1973 to make way for Orchestra Hall.

We have no further information about this organ. The largest pipes of the 32' Bourdon found their way to The Church of Sts. Peter and Paul in Mankato, MN.

A 1905 full-page article in the Minneapolis Journal has a description of the organ.

Kimball Organ article

Source of pictures and other information about the Lyceum Theater can be found here.

Minneapolis Auditorium, 1911-1913, photo from Minnesota Historical Society.
Lyceum Theater, 1945. Minnesota Historical Society.

Orchestra Hall