National Hotel, Dutch Room

205 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN

Builder: 1909

Notes: "In no other restaurant in the United States can be found such an attraction for music lovers as the Oxette, or pipe organ, which has been pronounced by usic asters the sweetest toned instrument of its kind in the world. In connection with this magnificent instrument one of the costliest Auxetophones in the world adds to the charm of an evening spent in the Dutch room by reproducing in perfect tone the exquisite voices of Carmen, Caruso, Melba and others..." -- from The Bridgemen's Magazine and the Minneapolis Tribune, February 20, 1909.

"The auxetaphone was an early amplified phonograph. It used compressed air supplied by an electric motor to amplify sound. Auxetaphones were so loud that they were mainly used outdoors, in very large restaurants, or auditoriums. It appears from photographs that the auxetaphone was placed to the left of the organ."