St John the Baptist Episcopal Church

4201 Sheridan Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55410

Builder: Roland Rutz, 1990
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 26
Action: Electric slider chests

Notes: Symmetrical cases in the chancel. Left side holds only the pedal unit principal from 8' up in facade. Right side holds the great principal 8' in the facade. Behind the facade is the swell near the floor, the great above. Enclosed great is toward the chancel  speaking across the great. Pedal bombarde is behind the door and grill that open into the nave on the far right side. Console on a rolling platform. Organ contains many recycled ranks, some from the former organ. Both mechanism and pipes have required extensive repair.

GREAT ORGAN (13 ranks)
16' Bourdon
8' Principal
8' Open Flute*
8' Bourdon (ext)
4' Octave
4' Harmonic Flute*
2' Super Octave
2.2/3' Sesquialtera II*
    Mixture IV
8' Trumpet
8' Oboe (Sw)

SWELL ORGAN (11 ranks)
8' Gedeckt
8' Salicional
8' Voix Celeste bf
4' Principal
4' Chimney Flute
2.2/3' Quint
2' Piolo
    Mixture III
16' Contra Oboe
8' Oboe (ext)

PEDAL ORGAN (2 ranks)
32' Resultant
16' Contrabass
16' Subbass (Gt)
8' Octave (ext)
8' Gedeckt (Gt)
4' Choralbass (ext)
4' Flute Octave (Gt)
16' Bombard
16' Contra Oboe (Sw)
8' Bombard (ext0
4' Oboe (Sw)