St John Lutheran Church ELCA

4842 Nicollet Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN

Builder: Hall Organ Co, 1927

Notes: Information from the Organ Historical Society, 2008.

A brief history of organs at St. John's

From its beginning in 1883, music has played an important role in the worship of St John’s congregation. Records show that George Trabert, the founding pastor, brought with him a reed organ, a gift from his former parish in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

In 1888, a pipe organ costing $1500 was given by Julius Bohn, a member of St Johns. It was used in the first church building located at Fifth St and Chicago Ave (across from Gate G of the Metrodome) and later moved to a site at 17th St and Chicago Ave. An electric blower replaced the hand pumper in 1915.

In 1927, when the present building had been completed, a Hall pipe organ was installed at a cost of $8300, a gift of the Women’s Society and the Gleaners. This organ served until 1958 when it was rebuilt and enlarged by the Hillgreen-Lane Organ Co.
February 28, 2018