University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN

Builder: C.B.Fisk, Opus 64, 1973
Manuals: 1
Stops: 4
Action: Mechanical

Notes: Harpsichord shaped positiv. Sold back to Fisk in 1996. Has been reconditioned and is owned by a private party in New England. Photo from Fisk website.
-- Pape, Uwe. The Tracker Organ Revival in America. Berlin: Pape Verlag, 1977
-- Organ Historical Society database
-- Dean Billmeyer, University Organist

8' Gedackt Bass
8' Gedackt Treble
4' Rohrflöte Bass
4' Rohrflöte Treble
2' Principal Bass
2' Principal Treble
8' Regal Bass
8' Regal Treble

Hitchdown pedal disengages regal and principal