St Mary of the Lake Catholic Church

105 Forestview Lane N
Plymouth, MN 55441

Builder: Wicks Organ Co, Opus 4215, 1962
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 7
Action: Wicks Direct Electric

Notes: David Engen & Associates was contacted about the organ in 2000. It was filled with dead notes and the chambers were littered with broken glass. The Great is on one side of the gallery and the Swell on the other. The return vent for the air conditioning is in the floor under the chests, so when the chamber shades are closed the A/C ceases to work. The organ was "resurrected", but the priest would not lot the organist play it, preferring the tiny electronic in the chancel, with short keyboards and one octave of pedals. The last we heard the Wicks was not being used. 2020

In the first picture, the chambers are on either side of the gallery, with the console in the choir loft between (in the dark). In the second picture, the swell chamber includes the windows against the back wall, under the roof line (disregard the arrow).