Mount Calvary Lutheran Church LCMS

6544 16th Avenue South
Richfield, MN 55423

Builder: Hendrickson Organ Co, Opus 11, 1972
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 24
Stops: 18
Action: Mechanical; electric stop action

Notes: What is unusual is that the organ sits directly against the back wall so there is no maintenance access from there. Tuning access for Pedal (left) and Great is through the chamber on the left, which holds the pedal reservoir. Pallet boxes for Pedal and Great are at the front. Voiced by Robert Sperling. Dedication concert played by Paul Manz.
-- information from David Engen, 2020. Photos from Facebook.

8' Prestant
8' Rohrflöte
4' Octave
2' Gemshorn
2.2/3' Sesquailtera II
    Mixture IV

8' Holzgedackt
4' Spitzgedackt
2' Principal
1.1/3' Quintflöte
    Zimbel II
8' Regal

16' Subbass
8' Spitzprestant
4' + 2' Nachthorn
    Mixture II
16' Fagott