Redeemer Lutheran Church

42nd & Regent Avenue N
Rochester, MN 55422

Builder: Reuter Organ Co, Opus 1578, 1967
Manuals: 3
Ranks: 27 +
Action: Electropneumatic

Notes: From Facebook photos it is evident that the prepared Antiphonal was installed in the chancel on the left. See photo. The dedication concert may have been played by David N. Johnson, who had just left St. Olaf for Syracuse the year before. I have recollection of attending a concert he played in a church that looked much like this.
-- David Engen

8' Principal 61
8' Bourdon 61
4' Octave 61
4' Spillflöte 61
2' Fifteenth 61
    Fourniture III 183
8' Trompette-en-chamade 61

8' Rohrflöte 61
8' Viole de Gambe 61
8' Viole Celeste 49
4' Hohlflöte 61
2' Rohrflöte 24
1.3/5' Tierce 61
16' Trumpet (ext)
8' Trumpet 61
4' Rohrschalmei 61

8' Gedeckt 61
4' Nachthorn 61
2' Principal 61
1.1/3' Larigot 61
    Zimbel II 122
8' Krummhorn 61
8' Trompette-en-chamade (Gt)


16' Bourdon 32
16' Rohrgedeckt 12 (Sw)
8' Octave 32
8' Bourdon 12
8' Rohrflöte (Sw)
5.1/3' Twelfth --
4' Choralbass 32
4' Bourdon 12
16' Trumpet 12 (Sw)
8' Trumpet (Sw)
4' Rohrschalmei (Sw)

From THE DIAPASON: The Reuter Organ Co. has been awarded a contract for a three-manual 27-rank instrument for the Redeemer Lutheran Church, Rochester, Minn. The organ will be installed in a free-standing manner in the gallery of the church. Pipework of the Great, Swell and Pedal sections will be placed along the rear of the balcony in an elevated position above and behind the choir singers. The Great and Pedal pipework will be exposed and arranged in an attractive visual design, while the Swell pipework will be contained within a free-standing swell box to one side of the exposed pipework. The Positiv pipework along the Trompette-en-Chamade will be cantilevered from the gallery rail. The console is to be placed on a specially-constructed platform so that it also will be cantilevered in front of the main gallery area and situated between the Positiv and Trompette-en-chamade pipes. The entire balcony also has been extended forward in order to provide adequate room for the organ and choir. Negotiations for the sale of the instrument were handled by John A. Frykman, Minneapolis, district representative for the firm. Mr. Frykman will handle the installation of the organ, which is scheduled for the Fall of this year [1967].

--Information from Jeff Scofield.