Zumbro Lutheran Church

624 Third Ave SW
Rochester, MN

Builder: Flentrop Orbelbouw, 1962
Manuals: 1
Ranks: 6
Action: Mechanical

Notes: From New York Pro Musica Antiqua directed by Noah Greenburg. Purchased by Zumbro at about the same time the Aeolian-Skinner was installed. The organ is portable and comes with individually marked slots for the pipes in pipe trays. Wind system is in the base. Central section has key action and wind chest. The top casework disassembles for transit. It was taken to the Dallas AGO convention and played by Marie-Claire Alain in 1972. It was later loaned to the University of Minnesota where stage hands lifted it by the base, and being top heavy, it fell over, damaging many pipes. They were repaired by Jerome B. Meyer of Milwaukee. Other than being transported to Gustavus Adolphus College for a performance of the B-minor Mass in 1978, it has rarely been loaned.