Our Savior's/Opdal Lutheran Church

400 First Avenue
Sacred Heart, MN 56285

Builder: Reuter Organ Co, Opus 1562, 1967
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 4
Action: Electropneumatic

Personal notes: Generations of my family have been married and buried from this church. This is my father's home town and my grandparents lived just down the street from the church. My great grandfather homesteaded east of town, and my cousins grew up and were confirmed in this church. My recollection of this organ was that it was in a free-standing swell box in the alcove left of the altar. Current pictures indicate it has been rebuilt and expanded as part of a larger remodel project. A renovation is not listed in the Reuter opus list, and there are no other builders listed for Sacred Heart in the OHS list. Opdal Lutheran closed in 2019 and merged with Our Savior's.
-- David Engen, 2020