Westwood Lutheran Church

9001 Cedar Lake Road
St Louis Park, MN 55426

Builder: Dobson Organ Co enlargement, 2002
Holtkamp Organ Co, Opus 1778, 1964
Manuals: 3
Ranks: 50
Action: Electropneumatic

Notes: Great on top (slider chest with direct electric valves, pneumatic slider motors), Swell in center, Positiv on right, Pedal on left.  Behind Positiv are basses of 16' Quintadena (1-32), sharp side of 16' Posaune and 16' Principal. 61 notes Great and Swell, 56 notes Positiv, 32 notes Pedal. One of the last organs designed by Walter Holtkamp Sr (1894-1962)and its installation was completed by Walter Holtkamp Jr. (1929-2018). Westwood was home base for music director Ronald A. Nelson (1927-2014) which he served for 37 years. A unique scholarship program and choir school produced a number of students who went on to careers in music as a direct result of his influence.
First photo is from before the expansion when the church still had pews and hanging lights. Second picture is after the expansion and when the church had undergone an extensive remodel, including movable chairs. Third picture shows Kris Langlois and Michael Burkhardt at the console.

GREAT (new slider chest)
16' Bourdon (1-24 new wood; rest old)
8' Principal (1-32 former Pedal Octave; rest new)
8' Gedackt old
4' Octave new
4' Spitzflöte old
2.2/3' Quinte new
2' Super Octave old
1.1/3' Mixture IV old
8' Trumpet new
8' Festival Trumpet prepared

SWELL (new slider chest)
8' Gamba old
8' Gamba Celeste bg old
8' Bourdon old wood, vintage
4' Octave Geigen old, former Great Octave
4' Flute new
2.2/3' Nazard old, former Positiv Sesquialtera
2' Blockflöte new
1.3/5' Tierce old, former Positiv Sesquialtera
1.1/3' Quinte old
    Plein Jeu IV new
16' Basson old
8' Trumpet old, former Great Trumpet
8' Oboe old
4' Clarion prepared

8' Gemshorn new, in place of 16' Quintadena
8' Copula old
4' Praestant old
4' Rohrflöte old
2' Doublette old
2.2/3' Sesquialtera II old, former Swell Gemshorn and 2' Principal
1/2' Scharf III old
8' Cromorne new (metal)
8' Festival Trumpet prepared

32' Bourdon prepared (ext Subbass)
16' Principal old
16' Subbass old
16' Bourdon (Gt)
8' Octave new
8' Flauto Dolce old
4' Choralbass new
2.2/3' Rauschbass IV old
16' Posaune new (copper)
8' Trumpet old
8' Festival Trumpet prepared