St Olaf College

Northfield, MN

Builder: Wicks Organ Co, Opus 1901, 1939
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 8
Action: Wicks Direct Electric®

Notes: This organ is listed on the Wicks Opus List (OHS) and was a bit of a mystery. In consultation with other St. Olaf organ graduates from around 1970, we believe this may have been installed in the old Christiansen Hall of Music on the 5th floor where all of the practice organs were located (until the new building was constructed.) We speculate it might have been in 501, which had a chamber with a grill, or 504 which was a larger room but had no chamber. (501 and 503 were similar. 502 was a slightly larger version with a swell box an a reed. 504 was a larger tracker.)
During David N. Johnson's tenure (1960-67) the large Schlicker in Boe Memorial Chapel and four Schlicker practice organs were purchased. In 1963, Bethel Lutheran Church dedicated a new church, and we believe Opus 1901 was sold to Bethel at the time it was replaced with a small Schlicker at St. Olaf. It was installed by Johnny Obermeyer, local Schlicker representative. Later it was replaced at Bethel with a new Holtkamp. We presume Opus 1901 was discarded or distributed for parts.