Sacred Heart Catholic Church

840 East Sixth St
St Paul, MN

Builder: Hook & Hastings, Opus 2331, 1913
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 33
Action: Electropneumatic

Notes: Information from the Organ Historical Society Archive and Roger F. Burg, 2009. The organ no longer exists.

The present Sacred Heart Church on 6th Street was not the first structure. In Msgr. Reardon’s book, he states that the Church of the Sacred Heart was established in 1881. “The Reverend C. Koeberl said Mass on Christmas day, 1881, in the original frame church erected by him for the German Catholics on Dayton’s Bluff. The rectory was occupied a few days earlier. The church was razed in 1946. A combination church and school and a new rectory were completed in April, 1926, under the direction of Reverend Gaudence Worm, O.F.M .(1924-30). ….an imposing brick church [was] erected in 1950 and dedicated on April 14, 1951.” There COULD have been a Hook and Hastings in the old frame church, but I do believe that the current Schaefer Organ was installed when the new Church was built. ---Roger F. Burg