Saint Luke's Lutheran Church

1807 Field Avenue (at Edgcumbe Road)
Saint Paul, MN 55116

(This is one of many Lutheran churches in Highland Park area of St. Paul, MN.)
Builder: Schlicker, 1973.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 9
Action: Electro-mechanical

Notes: From church history: St. Luke Lutheran Church began as a result of the efforts of a small number of Homecroft neighbors. They had met for worship since 1909 above the Thomas Grocery Store, but now sought to be established as a English speaking congregation of the Ohio Synod. The names of the charter members read like a small league of nations. There were Germans, Scandinavians, English, Slovacs, and Italians. After a series of meetings beginning in December of 1912, their dream grew into a reality when the congregation was incorporated as St. Luke English Lutheran Church on March 18, 1913.

In 1950, a new organ was purchased for $2,700. The growth of the congregation and the desire for a larger church building was a hope which began in 1953.

By 1956, architects were engaged to design a larger church at the corner of Edgcumbe Road and Field Avenue. The new church was dedicated on February 2, 1958.

The old church, torn down in 1959, became the site of the parsonage garage. In 1967, the neighborhood began to hear the Verdin Bell carillon hymns at noon and 6:00 p.m. The bells are also used to call the people to worship, to signal a death in the congregation and to celebrate a wedding service.

In 1973, a new nine rank Schlicker pipe organ was dedicated and sings with that same beauty in our worship today.


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