Saint Paul's on-the-Hill Episcopal Church

1524 Summit Avenue.
Saint Paul, MN 55104

(See separate entry for a previous Moller instrument.)
Builder: Wicks Organ Co., Opus 5536, 1976
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 20
Action: Wicks Direct Electric®

Notes: St. Paul's was originally in downtown (Lowertown) St. Paul (with a Hook & Hastings instrument). The congregation moved to this location in 1912 with this new building designed by Emmanuel Masqueray. A Moller organ (from St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral in Detroit, MI was moved to this new building in 1921). It was replaced by this new Wicks in 1976.

The Great is exposed in the chancel, along with the largest 8 pipes of the 16' Subbass. The Pedal speaks into the side transept, around the corner. The Swell is behind the Great on two levels.

The Wicks organ was installed during the tenure of Leo Hock.

*During the tenure of Philip Steen, Additions to Swell: Strings and Principal 4’ (Wicks, new)

+During the tenure of Nils Halker, Gt. wind pressure increased from 2.25”. Scale of Principal 8 above façade pipes increased by one note, Mixture moved to a common toeboard and revoiced by David Engen. Additions to Great: Hohlflute 4’ (Schantz) Cone Flute 2’ (former Swell 4’ flute) Cornet II (2 ranks revoiced, maker[s] and original instrument[s] unknown)

Addition to Swell: Spindle Flute 4’ (Austin, Cathedral of St.Vibiana, Los Angeles)

Information from Charles (Chuck) Hackman (former organist)

Organ Historical Society as of 2009.

GREAT ORGAN (see notes above)
8 Principal+
8 Holzgedeckt
4 Octave
4 Hohlflute+
2 Cone Flute+
2.2/3 & 1.3/5  Cornet II+
    IV Mixture+

8 Rohrflöte
8 Salicional*
8 Voix Celeste*
4 Principal*
4 Spindle Flute+
2 Principal
8 Trumpet

16 Subbass
8 Principal
8 Rohrflöte (Sw)
4 Octave (ext)
4 Spindle Flute+ (Sw)
16 Trumpet (ext Sw)
4 Klarine (Sw)