Saint Timothy's Lutheran Church

1465 North Victoria Street
Saint Paul, MN 55117

Builder: Reuter Organ Co., Op. 1677, 1969. 1980: additions by Gould & Schulz
19??: new Reuter console
2014: modifications by Grandall & Engen
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 19
Stops: 22
Action: Electro-pneumatic

Notes: There had been complaints about this organ since installation, documented by many letters in a church file. The unusual roof angles were part of the problem, with some "hot" areas on the main floor. An aggressive heating system and windows behind the organ ensured it was not in tune in the winter. The unification scheme and original voicing also made the organ ineffectual. A great many prepared stops on the new console (digital?) made it difficult to play. Many pipes were found to have collapsed toes, affecting voicing. A number of chests were moved and new ones added, and a new pedal treble chest now cantilevers in front of the Great. Formerly dummy (1980) pipes in front of swell were replaced with pipes formerly in back by the window. Exhaust fans inside the swell help keep the two divisions together in pitch during the heating season, and the windows behind the pipes have been covered with an extra plexiglass layer on the outside.
Article about the rebuild here.

16' Rohrflute (sw)
8' Principal (rescaled 2 notes, revoiced)
8' Gedeckt (revoiced)
8' Rohrflute (sw)
4' Octave (revoiced)
2' Piccolo (new, harmonic)
1.1/3' Mixture IV (new)
8' Trumpet (new)

8' Rohrflute (revoiced)
8' Viole
8' Viole Celeste
4' Principal (revoiced)
4' Koppelflute
2' Octave
1.1/3' Quint (revoiced)
2.2/3' Cornet III (new, 20-49)
8' Trompette
8' Oboe (new)
    Tremolo (new)

32' Untersatz (resultant)
16' Subbass (1980)
16' Rohrflute (swell)
10.2/3' Quint (swell)
8' Octave
8' Subbass (ext)
8' Rohrflute (ext)
4' Choralbass (new)
2' Mixture III (new, from old Gt mixture)
16' Trombone (gt, new)
8' Trumpet (gt)
4' Schalmey