First Presbyterian Church

345 Rowland Street
Tracy, MN 56175

Builder: Vogelpohl & Spaeth, Op. 1, 1892.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 8
Pipes: 404
Stops: 10
Action: Mechanical

Notes: The contract was signed March 14th, 1892. This organ is no longer here. It was replaced by a W.W. Kimball organ in the mid 1920-s when the church was remodeled. While other alterations to the church interior were made at a later time, pictures in the church archives confirm that the Vogelpohl was gone after the 20-s remodeling. It is unknown whether any pipework from the Vogelpohl was reused or if it was relocated.

During the 20-s remodeling, the orientation of the sanctuary was turned 90 degrees from facing southwest to facing northwest. The former chancel became the choir area and the area east of the organ became the new chancel. The Kimball is in the same location as the Vogelpohl. The original handwritten contract (now in the collection of the Brown County Historical Society, New Ulm, MN) reads as follows: Tracy Minn March 14th 1892. This agreement made this 14th day of March 1892. Between H.H. Vogelpohl and J.C. Spaeth of New Ulm Brown Co. Minnesota parties of the first part and W.J. Palm, L.D. Moses, Mrs. H.J. Pattridge, Mrs. J.R. Ugur [?] and H.F. Seiter parties of the second part witnesseth that the parties of the first part does hereby agree to build an organ according to the following scheme and specifications. Dimensions as following Diagram [Hand drawn diagram depicts the following: 6- deep on left side against SW wall of church; back of organ against NW wall of church 9-5� long to chimney which is 2- 6� wide and 12 1/2� deep and is located inside of organ case; front of case 9-5� wide with an additional section 2- 3� angled 45 degrees towards the back of the organ; 2- deep on right side connecting the angled section to the chimney] Case of White Ash and [?]asto + Finishings[?] in cherry oil finished. The increase of cost over that of best price to be added to the price specified. Cabinet work to be 5 feet 6 in high adorned with Cornish projecting 6 inches, on which ornamented Pipes are to be placed, said ornamentation to be as follows. body of Pipe to be painted a light (Nile Green, Green Fruit, striped with Gold and starred at Top of eaves.
Compass of Manual[s] CC to A3 58 Keys. Compass of Pedal CCC to D0 [27 notes]. Number of Pipes: 404. Disposition. The organ to be made of the best material, and in the most thorough manner, and delivered in the church, First Presbyterian of Tracy Minn, set up in good order, ready for use warranted in every aspect within 90 days from date. The party of the second part in full consideration for the above shall pay to the party of the first part as their order upon the completion of the organ according to this agreement, the sum of Nine Hundred Seventy Five ($975.00) Dollars subject to 5% Discount for Cash on day of acceptance. The party of the first part warrants the organ to be first class and of the highest standard of excellence agree to make good at their own expense any defect in material or workmanship brought to their notice within Five Years from day of completion of the organ.

Organ Historical Society as of 2019.

8' Diapason 58 metal
8' Flute Bass 17 wood
8' Flute Treble 41 wood
8' Gamba 41 metal
4' Principal 58 metal

8' Stopped Diapason [bass] 12 wood
8' Stopped Diapason [treble] 46 wood
8' Dulcianna 46 metal
4' Flute Harmonick 58 wood

16' Bourdon 27 wood

Swell to Great coupler
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Pedal Check
Bellows signal (or Kalcant)
Swell Pedal (balanced)