Saint John in-the-Wilderness Episcopal Church

2175 First Street
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Builder: Casavant Frères Ltée., Op. 3793, 2000.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 22
Pipes: 1289
Stops: 31
Action: Electro-pneumatic w/slider chests

Notes: The parish of St. John in the Wilderness credits its origin to the determination of Mrs. Laura Aubrey who personally solicited funds from her English friends for the building of a church.

When built in 1861 it was the first church in the White Bear Lake area. In March of 1874 that building was moved to the present location by pulling it across the frozen waters of White Bear Lake.

By 1925 the church had outgrown the first building, which was deconsecrated and demolished to make way for the present structure that was dedicated in 1926. The original pump organ, presently maintained by the White Bear Historical Society, was replaced by a small pipe organ in 1939 and later by a larger instrument.

The present organ was formally dedicated in 2000 and speaks from an elevated position in the chancel on the second level of the bell tower. Simple casework and façade pipes from the eight foot principal stop of the Great project from the sidewall.

The organ makes use of slider chests as a means of keeping the overall depth of the organ to a minimum. Flexibility in registration is gained by placing five of the Great stops on a windchest that is enclosed with the Swell. A coupler permits these stops to be played from the Swell manual as well as from the Great.

Information and photos from David Engen and Organ Historical Society as of 2013.

GREAT ORGAN (*=expressive, except where noted)
8 Principal (exposed)
8 Chimney Flute*
8 Major Flute (exposed)
8 Salicional (Sw)
4' Octave (exposed)
4 Conical Flute*
2 Octave*
1.1/3 Mixture II-IV*
16 Bassoon (Sw)
8 Trumpet*
8 Oboe (Sw)

8 Bourdon
8 Salicional
8 Celeste (TC)
4 Principal
4 Spindle Flute
2.2/3 Nazard
2 Gemshorn
1.3/5 Tierce
1.1/3 Quint
16 Bassoon (Ext)
8 Oboe

16 Sub Bass (Ext.)
8 Octave Bass
8 Flute (Gt.)
4 Octave (Ext.)
4 Flute (Gt.)
16 Bassoon (Sw.)
8 Trumpet (Gt.)
8 Oboe (Sw.)
4 Oboe (Sw.)