First Lutheran Church

213 North Hennepin Ave.
Winthrop, MN 55987

See below for two previous instruments, Hillgreen, Lane & Co. of 1910 and Hendrickson Organ Co., Op. 1 of 1966, both incorporated into this Op. 58
Builder: Hendrickson Organ Co., Op. 58, 1982.
Manuals: 3
Ranks: 36
Pipes: 2012
Action: Electro-pneumatic

Notes: This congregation had an original Hillgreen, Lane and Co. instrument (1910). Hendrickson Opus 58 added a Nazard 2 2/3' and a Tierce 1 3/5' (to the previous Hendrickson Opus 1 stoplist). The 1982 additions brought it to 36 ranks. There were some exchanges with a new 4' Spitzgedackt replacing the old 4' Harmonic Flute and a new 2' replacing the old 2' in the Swell. Information from Charles Hendrickson. Photos from David Engen.

This congregation is something of a sister congregation to First Lutheran in St. Peter, both with Swedish roots

The Opus 1 (1966) Hendrickson organ is arranged with the 11-rank Positief division on the gallery railing directly behind the organist. (The front pipes of the Positief are almost half way from the back wall to the altar!) The burnished tin pipes of the 4' Prestant are visible at the front, and the basses of the 8' Gedeckt are visible at the sides of the Positief casework. In the main casework, the Hauptwerk of 12 ranks is arranged with the Principal chorus on the north, or right, side, with the basses of the 8' Principal visible, and the minor chorus and Trumpet on the south side with the Quintade visible. The large pedal pipes of the 16' Principal are in the center of the case in front of the movable shutters of the Swell division. The remainder of the pedal pipes are located under the Swell. The Swell division contains the revoiced pipes from the 1910 Hilgreen-Lane organ originally installed in the gallery. Much of the main casework was completely rebuilt to house the new Hendrickson organ. 1982 additions were only internal. Visual design remains as it was in 1966 when dedication was played by David N. Johnson of St. Olaf College.

A lighted candle in the left rear window on Christmas Eve 1981 caused smoke damage throughout the church. A church member who was in the fire department passed the church after the Christmas service and saw the fire through the window. He used a fire hose to break the window from outside and doused the flames with very little water damage to the building. Without his timely intervention the entire church would have burned. Everything inside the church had to be cleaned and repainted. This was the impetus for the organ additions the following year.

Organ Historical Society as of 2012.

16 Quintade (ext)
8 Prinzipal
8 Quintadena
8 Gemshorn
8 Schwebung II (TC)
4 Octave
4 Rohrflöte
2 Fifteenth
   Mixtur III
8 Trumpet
4 Klarine (ext)

8 Principal
8 Holzgedeckt
8 Viol
8 Schwebung (TC)
4 Octave
4 Spitzgedackt (replaced in 1982)
2 Flöte (replaced in 1982)
2.2/3 Nasard (new in 1982)
1.3/5 Tierce (new in 1982)
16 Fagotto (ext)
8 Oboe

8 Gedeckt
4 Prestant
4 Koppelfluit
2 Gemshoorn
1.1/3 Quint
1 Sifflet
1.3/5 Sesquialter II
    Cymbel II
8 Kromhoorn
8 Trumpet (Gt)
4 Klarine (Gt, ext)
   Cimberstern (3 bells)

16 Principal
16 Quintade (Gt)
16 Gedeckt
8 Octave (ext)
8 Quintadena (Gt)
8 Gedekt (ext)
4 Octave (ext)
4 Flute (ext)
2 Octave (ext)
16 Fagotto (Sw)
8 Trumpet (Gt)
8 Oboe (Sw)
4 Hautbois (Sw)