Becketwood Senior Co-op Chapel

West River Road
Minneapolis, MN

Builder: David Engen, 2008
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 5
Action: Electro-mechanical

Notes: Built to replace a failing Thomas electronic, which was located in the "closet" now occupied by the pipes. Pedal 16' is from the 1964 Holtkamp at Westwood Lutheran, a  Quintadena discarded in the Dobson rebuild. 4' Principal 1-32 was the Westwood pedal 4' Choralbass, slightly tapered. Other pipes are from Organ Supply Industries. The Mixture, from Laukhuff and based on mixtures found in Schlicker practice organs, was added in honor of Paul Manz by the TCAGO through an anonymous gift.

Ronald A. Nelson and Manz were both residents at Becketwood. Ronald Nelson was organist here until his death following a fall in San Diego. His funeral/memorial service was held at Westwood where he had been Director of Music for many decades and oversaw installation of the 40-rank Holtkamp organ in 1964 in the new sanctuary. It is appropriate that some pipes from that organ are at Becketwood.

While this room is small, the organ speaks from the chamber on the right side of the chancel and reflects off the ceiling opposite into the entire room. The console, originally a used Allen, is opposite the chamber on the left side.

More information about the chapel can be found at Becktwood History

Manual I
8' Principal A+B
8' Rohrflute A+C
4' Octave B
2' Rohrflute C
II Mixture D

Manual II
8' Gedackt A
4' Rohrflute A+C
2' Principal B+C
1' Fife C

16' Gedackt A
8' Gedackt A
4' Principal B
2' Rohrflute C

16' Gedackt A
4' Principal B
2' Rohrflute C
II Mixture D (runs for 3 octaves; 13-24 are repeated 1-12 while the top break repeats in the top octave)