Bethany Lutheran Church, Seward neighborhood

2511 East Franklin
Minneapolis, MN

Builder: James Ausland, 1979
Originally Hook & Hastings Opus 2566, 1925 from Hamline Methodist, St. Paul
Manuals: 5
Ranks: 76
Action: Electro-pneumatic

Notes: Originally installed at Hamline Methodist Church, St. Paul, in 1925, home today to a large Casavant. Said to be the last installation of the Hook & Hastings Company. In 1974, Bethany purchased the organ and installed it in their church. It was originally a 4-manual, 49-rank instrument. James Ausland has added a considerable number of ranks and a new 5-manual console, with another division planned.
--Identified by James Ausland.

In correspondence with the pastor in May, 2019, we learned the organ is no longer functional and congregation has no money to fix it. In 1974 the organ at Hamline was already failing, so perhaps we can assume it was not re-leathered at that time and the condition has only grown worse.