Philip Allmon Residence

Eden Prairie, MN

Builder: Aadland Pipe Organ Co (Opus 12, 1982)
Manuals: 2
Stops: 12
Ranks: 9
Compass: 54/32
Action: Mechanical action

Notes: from Art Aadland. -- This is our active prototype of our "Super Compact" tracker action series pipe organ, which boasts a full nine rank, two manual and pedal pipe organ which uses less floor space than a concert grand piano, and will go under 9' ceiling -- Both Manual Keyboards extend from 8' CC through highest f (Database Manager. 2008-01-23)
--Information from the Organ Historical Society Archive and Art Aadland.
Last Update: 4/2008

We have no further information about this organ or its condition. If you have information, we’d appreciate hearing from you.