Cathedral of Our Merciful Savior

515 Second Avenue, NW
Faribault, MN 55021
Builder:  John Gale Marklove (1871), Utica, NY
Ranks: 19
Action: Mechanical
Price: $4000
Weight: 8500 lbs
First played: 18 June 1871
Notes: "Although the organ as a whole is a very fine instrument, and by the strong, resonant voicing of the pipes in the Great Organ, is admirably adapted to choral singing used in the service of the Cathedral, yet the height of the builder's success has been reached in the Swell, which is pronounced by those who are judges, one of the finest to be found anywhere. It is fine and delicate, yet powerful, in quality, and is capable of a thrilling effect in the hands of the performer, as it commences like the low whisperings of a harmony in the far off distance and approaches nearer and nearer, steadily gathering strength and power, until it breaks with an almost bewildering flood of richness and grandeur upon the ear."
June 21, 1871
GREAT ORGAN 58 notes
8' Open Diapason
8' Dulciana
8' Melodia
4' Principal
4' Flute
2-2/3' Twelfth
2' Fifteenth
8' Clarionet TC
8' Trumpet
PEDAL ORGAN 27 notes
16' Double Open Diapason
8' Violoncello
SWELL ORGAN 58 notes
16' Bourdon
8' Open Diapason
8' Viola da Gamba
8' Stopped Diapason
4' Principal
2-2/3' Coronet II TC
8' Bassoon