Gethsemane Episcopal Church

905 Fourth Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN

Builder: Hall Organ Company, 1914
Manuals: 4
Ranks: 36
Action: Electro-pneumatic

Notes: Identified through information in Classified List of Hall Organs, published in 1929 by Hall Organ Co, West Haven, CT. "The Diapason", July 1914, information provided by Charles Hendrickson.
-- Prior to installation of the Ruffatti, the Hall organ was known for frequent malfunctions and was given a name. While checking the chamber, one of the engineers fell through the weak floor. (Personal anecdotal information from David Engen.)

16' Open Diapason
8' First Open Diapason
8' Second Open Diapason
8' Dolce
8' Clarabella
8' Doppel Flute
8' Gamba
4' Octave
4' Harmonic Flute
8' Trumpet
    Cathedral Chimes

16' Bourdon
8' Open Diapason
8' Stopt Diapason
8' Viole d'Orchestre
8' Vox Celeste
8' Viole Aetherin
4' Flauto Traverso
4' Violina
2' Flageolet
2.2/3' Dolce Cornet III
8' Oboe
8' Cornopean
8' Vox Humana
8' Violin Diapason
8' Quintadena
8' Concert Flute
8' Dolcissimo
8' Unda Maris
4' Flute d'Amour
8' Clarinet

8' Tuba
8' Gross Flute

16' Open Diapason
16' Second Diapason
16' Contra Gamba
16' Bourdon
16' Lieblich Gedackt
8' Violoncello
8' Major Flute
8' Flauto Dolce
16' Ophicleide
Edmund Sereno Ender presides over four-manual in Gethsemane Church
-- Stanley R. Avery and J. S. Woodruff Assist.
Edmund Serene Ender gave the dedicatory recital on an organ by the Hall Company of New Haven, Conn, in Gethsemane church at Minneapolis October 20 with the assistance of two prominent local organists, J. S. Woodruff of Calvary church and Stanley R. Avery of St. Mark's. In connection with the opening concert, it was announced that Mr. Ender would not let the organ pass into destitude, but would give twenty-minute recitals on it every Sunday evening before the service.

The Hall Company, which has been placing a number of organs in the northwest, takes special pride in this four-manual which has eleven stops on the Great, thirteen on the Swell, seven in the Choir, two in the Solo and nine on the Pedal. The Diapason for July contained the specification.

The dedicatory program was as follows: Concert Overture in B minor, James H. Roger {Nr. Ender}; Concert Overture, Faulkes; Canzonette Vocorinski [Mr. Woodruff]; Meditation, Massnett [sic]; Evening Bells and Cradle Song, Macfarlane; Paean, Matthews [Mr. Enders]; Dedication (Symphonic March), S. R. Avery (played by the composer); Toccata, h. N. Bartlett [Mr. Ender}.