Lakewood Cemetery Memorial Chapel

3600 Hennepin Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Builder: E. M. Skinner & Son, Opus 516, 1938
Restored by Dobson Organ Builders, 2009
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 6
Action: Electropneumatic

Notes: Main windchest was replaced in the early 1980's by Jan Van Daalen. Other information from Dobson Organ Builders.

8' Gedackt (Sw)
8' Flauto Dolce (Sw)
8' Flute Celeste (Sw)
4' Violina (Sw)

8' Gedackt
8' Flauto Dolce
8' Flute Celeste
4' Violina
8' Vox Humana

16' Bourdon
8' Gedackt (ext)

Installed in a small alcove to the right of the chancel in a simple case with general swell expression, this instrument speaks clearly throughout the Chapel, thanks to the very reverberant acoustic. The specification is surprisingly versatile; a robust chorus can be assembled from the Gedackt, the bright Violina (stamped “Gems” on the pipes), and the couplers. Of course, softer effects are possible with various combinations of the Flauto Dolce, Flute Celeste, Gedackt, Vox Humana and couplers.

In 1978, Jan Van Daalen replaced the Skinner main windchest and key action with a new windchest employing Kimber-Allen vertical pallet magnets operated by a Solid State Logic diode coupling system. All of the pipework was retained on its original toeboards, which were placed on top of the new windchest. The original windchests for the 16' octave of the Bourdon were retained.

Our work consisted of cleaning and re-regulating the pipes, putting all of the existing mechanism in working order, and refinishing the façade pipes.

--Information from Dobson Organs.