St Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church

2742 15th Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Builder: M.P. Möller Opus 5408, 1928
Manuals: 3
Ranks: 30 (?)
Action: Electropneumatic

Notes: Originally a Swedish Lutheran parish.
1982: Organ chamber was re-plastered by Van Daalen following damage from a tornado.
1984: John Obermeyer cleaned, relaid cable, replaced pedal naturals and sharps, releathered 27 coupler switches, 27 pneumatics for combination action in console, repaired all stops and dead notes, tuned and regulated.
2011: David Engen & Assoc. replaced a failed blower with a new Zephyr blower. Relay system failing.
Echo has not worked for years. Someone attempted an amateur rebuild and destroyed it. Organ containes many beautiful sounds.
Organist Lowell Hanson retired and organ is likely no longer used. Pictures from church website and David Engen.

8' Open Diapason
8' Dopple Flute
8' Melodia
8' Dulciana
8' Viola d'Gamba
4' Octave
4' Flute
8' Tuba

16' Bourdon
8' Open Diapason
8' Stopped Diapason
8' Violin
8' Vox Celeste
8' Salicional
4' Flute
4' Salicet
2.2/3' Nazard
2' Piccolo
1.3/5' Tierce
8' Oboe
8' Vox Humana

ECHO ORGAN (no longer works)
8' Echo Flute
8' Muted Viole Celeste II
4' Fern Flute
8' Vox Homana

CHOIR ORGAN (with Great)
8' Violin Diapason
8' Flute
8' Dulciana
8' Unda Maris
4' Flute
8' Clarinet
8' Orchestral Oboe
8' French Horn

32' Resultant
16' Open Diapason
16' Bourdon
16' Lieblich Gedeckt
8' Octave
8' Bass Flute
8' Violon-Cello
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church is 125 years old as of October 31, 2012. For 125+ years, St. Paul’s has served the Phillips community of south Minneapolis, bringing hope and sharing the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ.

Today, St. Paul’s serves in one of the youngest, poorest and most diverse communities in Minneapolis. 7,000 youth live within one mile of our church. We are in the very heart of the Latino community, with substantial populations of Somali and Native Americans, African and European-Americans.