Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church

101 E. Grant Street
Minneapolis, MN 55403
The congregation is no longer extant but the building is operated as an arts center by the non-profit Historic Wesley Center
Builder: Patterson, et. al.
Manuals: 3
Ranks: 20
Action: Direct Electric

Notes: A Moller console (Opus 9983 from Asbury UMC, Harrisonburg, VA 1965) replaced the 1921 Estey console, perhaps in the 1960's or 1970's -- likely installed by Clarence Gould. It was retained and is pneumatic.

By the early 1970's there were major structural issues with the organ floor and the facade, requiring immediate attention. Tim Patterson and Terry Klevin did a major reworking of the organ. Church finances were already an issue (which ultimately lead to disbanding the congregation), so this work was done per tastes of the time with a small budget. A Z-tronics relay was used. New chests, blower, structural reconfiguration were done and the stoplist was modified with unification to approximate the size of the Estey but with fewer pipes.

The large scaled stops were removed and either distributed or stored in the church attic. (As of 2013, the Historic Wesley Center planned to clear out the attic to add ductwork for air conditioning.) Some Estey ranks were retained, especially in the Swell. The Great Mixture had been added previously, with pipes by Meyer of Milwaukee. Several aluminum ranks were added.

Karl Eilers later improved the Great winding and added an air recirculation system to help with tuning.

By 2013 the relay had started to fail and there were a number of dead stops. As of September, 2017 the organ is not playable.

Through rebuilds in 1892 by Bergstrom, 1921 by Estey, and (about) 1970 by Patterson, there is likely little to none of the original Hook organ present.
Last update 09/2017 with information from Karl Eilers and David Engen
GREAT ORGAN (pictured, 7 ranks)
8' Diapason (zinc and aluminum)
8' Hohlflute (wood)
8' Gambe (could be original Hook)
4' Octave (ext)
4' Flute Harmonic
2' Nachthorn (ext)
Mixture III (Meyer pipes)
8' Trumpet (sw)

CHOIR ORGAN (exposed, 5 ranks)
8' Nason Flute (wood)
4' Nachthorn
2-2/3' Nazard TC
2' Spitzflute
1-3/5' Tierce TC
1-1/3' Quint (ext)
1' Flute (ext)
SWELL ORGAN (7 ranks)
8' Gedeckt (wood)
8' Gemshorn (Estey/Haskell)
8' Salicional
8' Vox Celeste
4' Principal (aluminum)
4' Flute (ext)
4' Salicet (ext)
2-2/3' Nazard
2' Super Octave (ext)
1-1/3' Larigot (ext)
8' Trumpet
4' Clarion (ext)
PEDAL ORGAN (1 rank)
16' Bourdon (wood)
16' Violone (gt) wood extension of Gambe
8' Diapason (gt)
8' Bourdon (ext)
8' Cello (gt)
4' Choralbass (gt)
2' Waldflute (ext)
8' Trumpet (sw)